What's the difference between charcoal and gas?

Charcoal BBQ is popular with those who enjoy the “event” and have the time to do so.
Gas BBQ is simple and quick, far less smoke. Changing the temperature is easy with an automatic ignition.
The taste is quite similar as most of the flavour comes from the juices being vapourised and returned to the cooking surface.
Charcoal or gas, we have over 40 of the best BBQ’s to choose from!  

Which is the best brand and why?

Our customers prefer recognised, trusted brands. Longer lasting, higher quality and with warranty.
Weber -  is the worlds most popular BBQ brand for these reasons.
Kamado Joe -  is the best ceramic option.
Turbo - is a preferred "build in to your outdoor bench top" option.

What size BBQ do I need? 

The main considerations are usually:
How many people will be dining?
How much space is available?
What is the budget?

Contact us for details.

Can I order online? Do you have displays?  Do you have stock?

Yes, you can order online from us.
Yes,  for display locations check our Where to buy
Yes, we have carry extensive stock in Thailand, no need to wait!

Can you deliver and assemble?

Contact us for details.

What about warranty and spares?

Contact us for details.


What essential accessories should I consider?

A heavy duty fabric cover will protect your BBQ from the weather and dust.
Use a grill brush for easy cleaning.
A 3 piece cooking toolset is all you’ll need for most BBQ meals.
Woodchips add a special taste and come in many flavours like: Hickory, Apple, Mesquite, Cherry.
We have over 50 other accessories to choose from!

Do you ship outside of Thailand?

Yes we do! Contact us for details.


What can I cook on a BBQ?

Anyone can be a BBQ chef. Its easy and with just a little practice you’ll surely impress your friends and family in no time!

Grill steaks, sausages, pork, seafood, chicken or vegetables.  Your BBQ also cooks great roasts and can be used as a smoker. You can even bake cakes!

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