The baby of the award winning Ziegler & Brown compact range. Easy to use and maintain. A high performance BBQ with a powerful stainless steel burner. Die-cast heavy-duty aluminium, built to last. At home on your balcony, beach trips, camping. High-domed, rollback hood for open or closed cooking. Grill, bake a succulent roast or bacon and eggs for breakfast. Easy to carry. Optional extras: mobile cart with condiments rack, hotplate, wok trivet.


– High domed roll back hood enables open or closed lid cooking for increased versatility.

– A succulent roast for dinner or bacon & eggs for breakfast.

– Add a griddle for stir fries, burgers or pancakes.

– Retractable hood for east carrying and storage.

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Australia’s award winning Ziggy Portable boasts stylish compact & innovative design. A powerful burner makes it the ultimate BBQ for every outdoor occasion – from entertaining guests on your inner city balcony, to picnic lunches, beach trips, camping and caravanning. Perfect for a couple or small group. Simple to use and easy to clean.

– Materials: Cast iron grills with a matt vitreous enamel finish

– Firebox and hood: Die-cast thick heavy duty aluminium

– Burner: Stainless steel

– Warranty: 5 years (limited)

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