Wooden Grilling Planks (3 pcs)


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Grilling planks are paper thin pieces of wood that literally wrap around your side or entrée to create a unique flavor that will have your guests asking about your secret recipe

Simply soak the wraps in water for about 5 minutes, then lay your food items out in the middle. Fold them closed and tie them with the supplied twine, then place the whole thing on your grill.


– This helps keep whatever you’re grilling nice and moist, and simply prevents the plank from catching on fire

– Delivers intense, chef-worthy flavors to home-style grilling

– Cleans easily and can be reused; recommended for outdoor use only

– Easy to use with both charcoal and gas grills


– Soak in wine or other liquids and spices to give extra flavor

– Fish: For delicate foods, like many fish, the more gentle flavors of woods like cedar and alder are a good match.

– Chicken or pork: Take a step up to heartier meats like chicken and pork, and medium woods like maple, apple, and pecan will leave more of an impression without being overpowering.

– Beef or gamier meats: You can bump up the wood flavor even more to heavier-handed options such as oak and hickory.

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