BAR-B-CHEF Stainless Steel Smoker Box


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Turn your barbeque or grill into a temporary gourmet smoker with the Bar-B-Chef Stainless Steel Smoker Box. Measuring at 22.5cm x 9cm x 4cm and made from stainless steel, this smoker box will add a mesquite wood chip flavour to your food.

Simply place wood smoking chips in the Smoker Box and then position over the grill, charcoal, lava rock or briquettes. The smoke flavour will be released through the holes of the Smoker box, allowing your cooking food to soak up the smoke flavouring.


– Place your Bar-B-Chef Stainless Steel Smoker Box with woodchips on the grill and then preheat your barbeque or grill on a high setting.

– Allow to preheat covered for around 20 – 30 minutes or until the woodchips begin to smoke.

– Once the woodchips are smoking, adjust your grill temperature to a low heat and add then add the meat to your grill.

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