SMARTFIRE – Kamado Fire Pack

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Smartfire is a BBQ accessory for charcoal smokers that monitors and controls the temperature of the smoker. It precisely maintains a target ambient temperature by regulating the airflow to the fire.

You set what food you are cooking and target BBQ temp via the friendly smartphone app, light the fire and Smartfire will control the smoker and let you know when it’s ready. The world first design simplifies the traditional mess of wires into a tiny single unit that you attach (via optional adapters) to your smoker.

It uses standard 5V USB power which means you can easily power it from a spare charger, mobile device power bank, or even a solar panel. The best bit is your Smartfire is designed to be internet connected. Set it up with your wifi credentials and then you can remotely monitor and control it via your phone from anywhere.
This means you aren’t chained to the smoker anymore. You are free to enjoy your time with your friends and family while Smartfire does the rest.

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