Bar-B-Chef Mini Thermometers (4 pcs)


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Cook meat at the right temperature in your barbeque, grill or oven with this set of 4 Bar-B-Chef Mini Meat Thermometers.

With readings for accurately determining if your pork, beef or lamb is rare, medium or well done, the perfect roast or steak is so easy to achieve every time, without under or over cooking!


– 4 individual thermometers for each type of meat: Chicken, Pork, Beef, or Lamb

– Made from durable stainless steel materials, the thermometer are reusable and will last for many years !

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– Product Type: Thermometer


– Dimensions: Height: 7 cm length approx


– Material: Stainless steel


– The set of 4 mini meat thermometers includes:

1 x beef thermometer, 1 x lamb thermometer, 1 x chicken thermometer and 1 x pork thermometer.