Bar-B-Chef Mini Pizza Stone 20 cm (4 pcs)


Create the perfect BBQ home – made mini pizza’s that your kids will just love! Just add your favourite pizza toppings, your hooded barbeque and a Bar-B-Chef Mini Pizza Stone.

With the Bar-B-Chef Mini Pizza Stone 4 Pack you can be as gourmet, healthy or creative as you like with your pizzas. The simplicity, convenience and cost will mean you’ll never need to order a take-away pizza again!

The Bar-B-Chef Mini Pizza Stone is also perfect to feed the whole family, as there are 4 mini pizza stones included in each pack.



– Distributes heat evenly across the surface allowing steam to escape from the dough during cooking to prevent sogginess

– Ceramic material, heat resistant

– Easy to clean and maintain


Available: In stock


Product Type: Pizza Stone


– Dimensions: Width: 20cm


– Material: Ceramic


– Number In Pack: 4


– Heat Resistant: Yes


– Pack Includes: 4 x Mini pizza stones


 – Care Instructions: Simply scrape the baked-on food residue with a spatula and scrub lightly with warm water