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You’ll find a multitude of innovative accessories to enhance you’re grill skills and impress your guests at the same time. No matter what culinary creation you have in mind, at The Barbecue Store we’ve got the products to help you bring it to life.
Spare Parts
cast iron grill
  Cast Iron Grill:
3 Burner (31.5cm x 49cm) - BT 1,800
4 Burner (40cm x 49cm) - BT 2,140
cast iron hotplate
  Cast Iron Hotplate
3 Burner (31.5cm x 49cm) - BT 2,300
4 Burner (40cm x 49cm) - 2,500
stainless steel grill
  Stainless Steel Grill:
3 Burner (31.5cm x 49cm) - BT 4,000
4 Burner (40cm x 49cm) - BT 5,000
stainless steel hotplate   Stainless Steel Hotplate
4 Burner (40cm x 49cm) - BT 7,000
cast iron burner   Cast Iron burner - BT 650
stainless steel burner   Stainless steel burner - BT 500
  Regulator hose - BT 1,300

  Gas Safety Gauge - BT 2,200
Don’t run out of gas at the wrong time, or refill your gas cylinder before it’s needed – More importantly, keep your family, friends or even workplace safe from gas leaks with the Gas Safety Gauge!
lava rocks, bbq volcanic rock
  Lava rocks 3.5kg - BT 690
Heat Beads® Easy-Lite® Barbecue Briquettes 4KG - BT 400
Safe and fuss-free, these briquettes make it quick and easy to have a glowing barbecue ready in no time. No firelighters are required, just light with a match.



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