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Kamado Joe Charcoal BBQ
BIG JOE 24" SPECIAL @BT 69,000

We are committed to continued innovation and to offering you standard features
that will enhance your grilling experience from start to finish

A big advantage of a ceramic grill is versatility - the ability to grill, smoke and sear.At Kamado Joe, we give you everything you need to grill, smoke and sear. We think that only makes sense. Yes, a Kamado Joe comes with all that!

Kamado grills have an advantage over gas grills and briquette charcoal grills. They have the ability to sustain low temperatures for long periods of time and reach temperatures above 750°F for searing; to trap the natural oils and moisture of meat. Kamado grills also add a noticeably better flavor to food by using natural lump charcoal as a heat source.
The thick handle and side shelves are made of finished bamboo for its weather and mildew-resistant properties; similar to teak. 304 stainless steel is used for the draft door, hardware and grilling grate. Competitors typically use unfinished cypress and standard grade steel, which is why many grills look weathered and rusty after just a few years. Other distinct upgrades include an extra-large exterior thermometer with cooking ranges imprinted on the face and locking cart wheels for stability.
Available : ---BIG JOE 24" @BT 75,000-|-CLASSIC JOE 18" @BT 61,900-|-JUNIOR JOE @BT 29,900


Optional extra’s: 

Heavy duty weather cover  BT 1,800
Kamado Joe 10kg bag Charcoal BT 1,800
Kamado Timber Table BT 15,900

Kamado Joe 100% Natural Lump Charcoal
 is made from real trees so it burns clean and gives you a robust wood-fire flavor. Some other brands are made from scrap furniture or processed wood. This means less wood-fire flavor.
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