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You’ll find a multitude of innovative accessories to enhance you’re grill skills and impress your guests at the same time. No matter what culinary creation you have in mind, at The Barbecue Store we’ve got the products to help you bring it to life.
BBQ Cookings & Roasting
wiltshire multi tool   BB Boss Multi tool - BT 764.50
beercan chicken holder   Beer can chicken holder - BT 638
beer can chicken meal roaster   Beer can chicken meal roaster - BT 1320
bbq fishgrill   Fish Grill - BT 1430
meat thermometer   Meat Thermeter - BT 544.50
  Remote Meat Thermometer - BT 3190
Just set the thermometer to your meat type and how you like it cooked, place and wait for a delicious meal, just the way you like it.
pizza stone   Pizza stone with giant spatular - BT 3190
bbq roast holder   Roast Holder - BT 1089
bbq roast rack   Roast Rack - BT 429
rotisserie kit   Rotisserie Kit
With battery motor - BT 3960
With electric motor - BT 4290
  Turbo Rotisserie Kit with Grill Basket and Lamp - BT 7590
smoking woodchips   Smoking Woodchips - BT 550. Mixed Woodchips available for;
- Beef & Lamb (Mesquite and Hickory woods, blended with Cabernet soaked wood chips)
- Poultry (Mesquite and Apple woods, blended with Chardonnay soaked wood chips)
- Seafood (Mesquite and Alder woods, blended with Chardonnay soaked wood chips)
bbq smoker box   Smoker Box
Stainless steel - BT 1089
  Hickory Cooking and Smoking Wood Chunks - BT 880
  Mesquite Cooking and Smoking Wood Chunks - BT 880
  Heat beads starter - BT 3630
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