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Here are some tips to ensure you enjoy the best
from your Gas Barbecue Grill

1. Please read the instruction manual before using your new BBQ!

2. Before initial use, "Cure" the hotplate and the grill plates:

  • Lift out the plates. Clean with hot soapy water and dry them.Brush BOTH sides of each plate with normal cooking oil.Put plates back in BBQ and "burn off" the oil for 10 minutes on low flame. Do not close the Roasting Hood during this process.Allow the plates to cool, repeat the process.Brush the plates to cool, repeat the process.
  • Your BBQ is now "cured" and ready to use!

3. Always brush a little vegetable oil on the plates after each cook to preserve the surfaces.

4. Oil or stain the timber trolley yearly.

5. Gas bottles and refills are readily available locally. Remember, turn off the gas both at the BBQ controls and at the gas tank.

6. Keep your BBQ dry either by storing it in a dry place or placing a cover over the unit. Don't splash water inside the BBQ to clean it - this may damage the spark ignition unit. We recommend our biodegradable Pump Spray cleaner.

7. Rake over the Fatsoak periodically. Replace the Fatsoak when it's absorption powers cease.

You can download our tips on BBQ care here.

For more information on looking after you grill, please visit Barbeques Galore
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