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Pro Q Frontier Smoker @ BT 21,890

ProQ Frontier BBQ Smoker is the most versatile BBQ smoker on the market - designed for any method of cooking, beit grilling (BBQ), roasting, meat smoking & water smoking . The original model has now be replaced with the NEW deluxe model with some great additions and improvements. The handles are metal and fold down and there are now 3 air vents in the base. Plus temperature probe inlets on each stacker. Now comes 95% assembled and fully porcelain coated, so less time getting smoking delicious food.
With dimensions measuring, 102cm height x 43cm diameter, this smoker is made from a fully vitreous enamelled steel body that with a modular design so that it easily locks together. By removing the two middle sections or 'stackers,' the Pro Q Frontier will easily turn into a portable, kettle BBQ - Ideal for camping trips, picnics of for the beach!

* 50lbs cooking capacity
* Grill Diameter: 43cm (2 grills)
* NOW 95% assembled
* Packaging Box size: 45 x 45 x 66 cm
* Packing Weight: 13 kg

Product manual available here
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